What Our Patients Are Saying About Us...

Patient Testimonials


"The swollen feet and ankles and loss of feeling are nearly a thing of the past, enabling me to walk pretty normal.  ...I feel I am very fortunate in finding Kevin Sgroi and his talented staff at Joshua Tree Physical Therapy."   -Frank M.    


"It seems like you are working miracles with her. Just to get her up and around is tremendous progress.  ...This represents significant progress over where she has been at in the past couple years."  
 -John Wheaton, MD    


"Having been in physical therapy for seven months and having seen six different therapists, I had no faith any physical therapist could ever help me. In fact, previous therapy caused me more pain and I didn't see any success. After one treatment with Kevin I noticed a difference. With the massage therapist, Terry, I noticed a decrease in my swelling. By the end of my first treatment I also had a decrease in pain. This had not happened in over seven months at other clinics.  ...I can't thank Kevin and his crew enough."  -Sabina K.     


"Kevin, I want to thank you for the learning experience and the tremendously beneficial treatments received. It has been a joy from beginning to end, not only for the physical healing and help received, but for the understanding of what I actually did to cause this problem in the first place...  You truly are an unforgettable bunch, and I want you to know how much you are appreciated." 


"I have been suffering from chronic low back pain for the better part of 13 years.  ...I was given a gift certificate for an evaluation and treatment for the Joshua Tree Physical Therapy office in Hayden. After only three treatments, I am pleased to report that I believe success is now possible as  my pain level has significantly decreased. Now, after nine treatments, I am now able to fully function pain free!  Although I have been pain free for the past two weeks, the staff at Joshua Tree Physical Therapy invited me to return for a complimentary re-evaluation to make sure that I can maintain the progress I've made. Nobody has ever been so professional and caring."  -K. May    


"Kevin, Just a quick not to let you know how grateful I am that you are going to be helping my daughter. I have heard so many good things about you and your staff.  ...I can't thank you enough!" 
 -Jenee S.    


"Words can't thank you enough for all the WONDERFUL therapy sessions while in your care for the two weeks I was out there in Idaho. Not only did I get GREAT treatments at every session but everyone was always so up beat, enjoying their work, and so compassionate and friendly but at the same time, very professional. ...I'm looking forward to having more treatments when I'm back out there in June."  -Diane    


"I can't believe the difference in Dave's shoulder. You are right, those guys are miracle workers."  -Claudia    


"I slipped on ice and my life changed completely. The injury to my back was severe enough to cause me to quit school. I couldn't sit upright for an hour at a time to attend classes. I also had to quit my job...  Your loving attention and expert therapy and by the grace of God you are working a miracle for me. With each treatment you are restoring my health & you have already restored my will to live."  -Char